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As a candidate for the 19th District State Senate, I am frequently asked about the Sex Education bill Senator Takko co-sponsored and the effect of R-90.


At the beginning of the 2020 legislative session SB 5395 was introduced and passed on March 7, 2020.  It passed along party lines with all Republicans voting against and one Democrat voting no.  So what’s wrong with this bill?


Keep our local voice local:


This legislation removes the voice of local school boards and our local elected officials from having more say in what communities want as part of K-12 education. Instead this legislation provides the Office of Public Instruction with more authority than should be allowed.  Give parents the opportunity to instruct their own children instead of surrendering ideology to the state.


Content of the bill:


The content matter of this bill was not suited for viewing on Government TV and was censored from viewing by the public due to its graphic nature.  If the parents could not view this material then how can our minor children? The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has pulled this controversial bill from the 2020 School year, pending results of hearing the voters’ voice in November.


Will of the people:


The controversy of this bill was made very clear when 260,000 plus voters said this was important enough that we want a say in the matter.  This year R-90 is on the ballot for voters to decide if this is what we want for our children. Voters in November will have the chance to “reject” SB 5395.  The legislature should have known better and allowed the voters to vote on this rather than simply being pushed thru by the Democratic Party in both the House and Senate, with little public input.


This type of legislation should have gone to the voters from the start.  Typical of the last legislative sessions, Olympia seems to not be respecting and following the will of the voters, or in this case the parents will.  November will be the opportunity for voters to reject SB 5395 thru R-90 on our ballots. 

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